Video: Justice – Stress

Wow. I’m not the biggest Justice fan around, but the video for their new single “Stress,” is simply remarkable.

For the cinematography alone this should win an award. If you don’t know, the people you are seeing in the Justice “cross” jackets are from Paris’ infamous suburbs, who decedents from second and third generation African immigrants who are, for the most part, completely ostracized from French society. You may think that the US has a race problem, but personally I think that our problems are far better than those of Europe, where the .

I don’t know if this Justice video plays on the feelings of disenfranchised youth or makes fun of it. It’s definitely a topic of discussion. I don’t know how I feel about this. As a person who indirectly knows someone who got beat up by a bunch of Black kids because they were White “gentrifyers” here in DC, I have to put on the record that I think these actions are wrong. But I don’t think that this video glamorizes these youth at all, but instead makes their actions all too real. The small touches, such as the sound guy getting in some of the shots (and eventually catching fire) and the youths kicking the radio when Justice’s “Dance” come are what put this video over the top.

If you want to know more about the situation in the Paris Suburbs, check Wikipedia or watch the movie La Haine. What do y’all think?