Unreleased Stevie Wonder Snippets

Stevie Wonder – Snippet 1

Stevie Wonder – Snippet2

One time or the other, your favorite artist will have a song removed or an album shelved. It happens to anyone, from low level rap stars to even the one of the greatest artists of all time….Stevie Wonder.

These two snippets mysteriously appeared on OkayPlayer over the weekend with no explanation whatsoever. Its believed that these tracks were from an unreleased album from 1974 that never saw the light of day. Thanks to the Internets, we at least get a peek into what could’ve been an amazing album.

Who knows how many unreleased tracks Stevie has in the vault, and it all may be lost if the rumors that his masters are to be destroyed upon his death are true. I’m sure the are hundreds more tracks to come at some point. Word is that Prince has unreleased tracks numbering in the thousands just sitting in a vault in his Paisley Park studios. I’m not in the record industry, but I’m really not down with letting art sit undiscovered. This tracks are amazing, even if they are only a few seconds.