Unreleased Stevie Wonder Snippets

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Stevie Wonder – Snippet 1

Stevie Wonder – Snippet2

One time or the other, your favorite artist will have a song removed or an album shelved. It happens to anyone, from low level rap stars to even the one of the greatest artists of all time….Stevie Wonder.

These two snippets mysteriously appeared on OkayPlayer over the weekend with no explanation whatsoever. Its believed that these tracks were from an unreleased album from 1974 that never saw the light of day. Thanks to the Internets, we at least get a peek into what could’ve been an amazing album.

Who knows how many unreleased tracks Stevie has in the vault, and it all may be lost if the rumors that his masters are to be destroyed upon his death are true. I’m sure the are hundreds more tracks to come at some point. Word is that Prince has unreleased tracks numbering in the thousands just sitting in a vault in his Paisley Park studios. I’m not in the record industry, but I’m really not down with letting art sit undiscovered. This tracks are amazing, even if they are only a few seconds.

  • JCon

    Wow…(Man, I need to get back on OKP)

  • superbizzee

    DITTO!!! BTW…if ur in NYC on the 14th of Jun, come to the annual Wonder-Full celebration! Stevie Wonder renditions and classics all night long!

  • wonderswoman

    where is this get-up in nyc on the 14th??? please leave me a reply on my gmail –

  • Stone

    Just in case superbizzie dosen’t get back to you….I found this flyer on DJ Spinna’s MySpace

    superbizze you have a hand in planning this?

  • Superbizzee

    Nah, man! No hand in planning. Just spreading the word out of pure love. This will be my 6th year in attendance. Trust me, the vibes are unreal. I’ve NEVER experienced an even like this. They’ve started changing venues over the past few years, which is a very good thing.

    PLEASE make it your biznezz to be in attendance if your schedule permits!

  • superbizzee

    Saturday June 14, 2008
    KeiStar Productions Presents
    WONDER-Full™(X) – An Annual Tribute To The Wonder Of Stevie
    311 West 34th Street (Btwn 8th & 9th Aves) NYC / 9PM
    w/ The Incomparable DJ SPINNA & BOBBITO aka Kool Bob Love

    Tickets Will Be On Sale At:

    Fat Beats (NYC) 406 6thAvenue (Corner of 8th Street) 212.260.8729
    Pieces (BKLYN) 671 Vanderbilt Ave (Corner Of Park Pl.) 718.857.7211
    Academy Records (NYC) 415 East12th Street (Btwn 1st Ave & Ave A) 212.780.9166
    Harriet’s (BKLYN) 293 Flatbush Avenue (Corner Of St. Marks Pl.) 718.783.2074
    Addy & Ferro (BKLYN) 672 Fulton Street (Btwn South Elliot & South Portland) 718.246.2900

    For More Info:

  • Stone

    Yo, much thanks for this. I will be posting details on the site much closer to the date….

    Unfortunately, I have my sisters graduation in Georgia that weekend so I won’t be able to make it up to the city for it…

  • A Total Square

    It’s amazing how Stevie Wonder’s scraps and throwaway’s are far and away better than the majority of the stuff that finds its way on to radio.

    According to a DJ at KJLH a couple of years ago, Stevie Wonder has 1000’s of unreleased tracks both demos and tight studio produced tracks sitting in the vaults.
    Consider this:
    The 70s and early 80s were his most creative & prolific period (a span of 10 to 13 years)
    He had complete creative control & freedom over his music
    It took him longer than most artist on the Motown label to finish an album
    He was steadily writing songs for other artist (Reasons, for Minnie Ripperton, Tell Me Something Good for Rufus, etc.) He needed to have an outlet for all the music that was coming out of him.
    He had daily access to musicians and recording studio time

    I’m not math wish, but I figure that if you take these variables and calculate them – you could figure a fair amount of songs were recorded

    It blows my mind! Period…Stevie Wonder is the TRUTH!

  • Michael

    I know “Feeding Off the Love of the Land” has to be from 1974 originally. The vocals are delivered with the same precise phrasing, maturity and resignation as the material from Fulfillingness’ First Finale. These two snippets actually sound more like sessions from the Music of My Mind, possibly Talking Book era. His voice is slightly less full and rich and has a more youthful spirit.

  • Lowery

    I have both of these tracks and hundreds more. This is just a tast of what stevie did in the 1970s. Not even close to his best stuff. The other stuff is mind blowing..

  • Sly Stone’s Crackpipe

    Bullshit, Lowery. If you do have the reels that the snippets are from, you’ll be able to say what else is on them. I have them.

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