Revisit: A Race of Angels

A Race of Angels – We

A Race of Angels – Just Begin

I know I’ve posted about A Race of Angels for the past two years, but I just stumbled upon his MySpace page today and forgot just how damn good this artist is.

I’ve been on this act since ’05, but if you don’t know, A Race of Angles consists of UK musician Yeofi and Ainjoy from the ATL, who’s are both now living in LA. I reviewed his album, titled Broadcast No 1,with stellar reviews and called it a “a mix of Luther Vandross and Portishead.” And I stand by that assertion. Even then, press for the album was few and far between. It’s a shame, because this album still crushes even after 3 years of being out.

Again, check these two tracks. If you like what you see, buy this album for only $8.50. Actually, buy two copies. Seriously, it’s that good.