Random Ish – Monday May 12th

Aaliyah covers FADER. That’s what’s up!

Damn, did we mess with God or something? 7 inches of rain? Global Warming my a$$!

I’m never going to Nissan Pavilion ever again. I don’t care if the Beatles are doing a damn reunion tour with Biggie and Tupac.

Pictures from Janelle Monae’s Los Angeles debut. I got invited to the NYC and LA but didn’t go cause I’m an idiot. Her show looks hot and I’m glad she’s getting exposure.

Tarik just put me on to this site called this site called the Black Cab Sessions. Indie artists performing in a London Black Cab. Crazyness.

Personally, I think Atlanta is a hell of a lot more cosmopolitan than DC, but why in the hell are they just getting a H&M and an Ikea??? I guess y’all can get your tight pants now.

DJ Eurok on Taz’ (of Sa-Ra) Vote for Obama video:

Once upon a time in a studio in Rome I replaced this bamma on a track. After they deleted his verse I came in and laid my verse and adlibs in 2 takes.

I don’t wear fitted caps, but I still agree with this argument from The Smoking Section. I rocked Redskins skull cap once and people were asking me about their defensive line like I was Joe Gibbs.

You stay classy, Cleveland. I hope Boston shows you the door.

The Million DJ March? I agree with Cam. This has the potential for disaster and really makes no sense. At least we all know the afterparty is gonna be tight tho.

Ever been in that situation where you’re at the office and you IM your friend and ask “who is Sasha Grey” and said friend sends you a web page of said female’s “body of work?”Yeah, this website called nsfw.in could’ve been useful for that situation. It’s like tinyurl but it puts a warning page up before you click on a link that you know your boss don’t want to see.

“Obama just doesn’t sound right for an American president.” I know all you Obama voters are overly optimistic, but these are the type of things I worry about when the dude becomes our nominee.

And finally, your moment of zen:

ATL Stand Up??

Bonus: Detroit city councilwoman Monica Conyers gets pwned by school children. Detroit stand up!