Sa-Ra: Vote Obama

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So I finally figured out why Obama is losing the working-class White vote…

This is bad. Decent track (flipping Ice Cube’s “Good Day”, but this video puts the McCain girls to shame. Seriously, the awfulness of this thing is tempting me to vote for McCain. (from Brandon at URB)

Seriously, if you’re in North Carolina or Indiana, please vote tomorrow!

  • Superbizzee

    Haha! Taz, u a fool for this one! I actually enjoyed the vid. It’s not terrible. Now as for the working-class white vote, Obama should definitely get good ole’ Bruce Springsteen on the bandwagon ;-).

  • Stone

    Okay….it’s not terrible….its goofy fun, which is cool, but I’m just not goofy fun about the election right now….

    But I WAS joking about the working class white vote and the McCain comment

  • upsetthesetup

    its actually straight retarded.

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