New Music: Lettuce feat. Dwele = “Move On Up”

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Lettuce feat. Dwele“Move On Up”

Lettuce is a 7 piece jam band out of Brooklyn, NY who’ve taken up a mission to recreate the musical years of the 70s. That era produced some of the amazing bands of our time-The Meters, Sly Stone, Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament-as well as some of our best funk philosophers like Gil Scott Heron and Curtis Mayfield.

The band itself is comprised of members from New Yorks jazz community, and although the soul revival thing might be wearing out its welcome, the band does its best to recreate the era and still keeping the sound fresh.

The Lettuce/Dwele collabo of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up,” is straightforward, but its one of my favorite songs of all time, so its def. worth a listen. (from Wuzz)

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  • Onyx

    Yo, I am a true 70s baby (DOB 02/17/70). I love every thing that has to do with this era (of course thanks to the Musical Genius Himself– Stevie Wonder!!!!!!!!)
    I also love Marvin, and Curtis and so many others… Oh and I can’t and won’t eva forget The Great Mr Donnie Hathaway!!! Neva, Neva, Neva.
    Well my friends, here we are today with the Greats of the New Millenium:
    Anthony David, DWELE, and Musiq just to name a few.
    I would like to send a personal shout out to Mr Anthony David and Mr (Phwiiiiiine) DWELE!! Yes, he is the epitome of what a true soul brotha should look and sound like! I have so much love and respect for him. Brotha, if you ever one day get a chance to even glimpse what I am writing I want you to know that I am holdin’ it down for you ALWAYS in Rochester, NY.
    You are the most slept on Brotha in the game!! Please don’t ever stop at nothing when it comes to putting out the most down to earth Jazzy R&B that we are ever going to here. It is amazing what your beats alone offer us true lovers of music: the horns are phenomenal (on the Subject album) you blew me away with the Jazz!! You should have been and still should be nominated for a Jazz category–seriously!!
    Oh and of course, your vocals and the lyrical content are outstanding and on point for sho!!! I love what you provide to us who love hearing music with so much substance. You make HITS. What is the world coming to?? Its a shame that they try to make our music out to be something that it is not! I mean they mold our talented Brothas and Sistas into these fake entertainers and before you know it the fad is over and no more dancing and entertaining. No one can be taught to dance and sing it just comes natural and from the soul. It sickens me how some try to define something that they have no concept of. The realest ones will never let the artform die out. Thank you Dwele, Kanye, Stevie, India, Musiq, Anthony David and Anthony Hamilton, and Lauryn Hill ( just to name a few) for doing it right and doin’ it well!!
    Lastly DWELE, I wanted to give you an extra shout out and a Happy Belated Birthday!! I love you Lil’ Bro for real. We share the same sign (Aquarius) no wonder you are so musically gifted and I’m sure you are a Genius Material because thats the only way we Aquarians do it!!! I’m 02/17/70 like Michael Jordan and the late great Huey P. Newton.
    Yo man, I could go on and on because I have so much to say regarding how the industry is sleeping on you. But what I have noticed is that you have a pretty good sized (underground) fan base. At least, everyone is not sleepin’.
    God Bless you and keep you and yours. YOU ARE THE TRUTH. PEACE!!!!

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