New Music: Hero

Hero Mogadishu

Hero On My Side

I saw this profile on Different Kitchen and was digging it within the first 10 seconds.

Hero is the combination of Brooklyn MC E-Dot and Toronto producer Darpmalone. The result is a mix of political tracks as well as your typical rap topics such as relationships, and girl trouble, over beats that hearken back to that underground hip-hop yet still remain fresh. The lead track Mogadishu, which tackles the subject of a soldier in Somalia, is a refreshing blend of acoustic afro-soul, and tracks like “On My Side,” showcase some amazing production behind the boards.

Surprisingly E-Dot’s lyrics don’t contain a hint of cursing, which will help them win over the “grown and sexy” crowd but will probably prevent them from getting that “street cred” that will garner mass appeal. That’s sad, because Hero is an act that is solely needed in hip-hop right now.