New Music – Donnis

DonnisParty Works


Rappers in the ATL grow on trees.

That’s the only thing I can say after checking the blogs for yet another buzzing rapper from the ATL. However, this dude is pretty unique, because Donnis actually moved to Tokyo to get his rap career started. Apparently the dude has become one of the top club draws in Japan and he’s barely 20 years old.

Donnis is back in the States and DJ Benzi is now his mentor which pretty much garuntees he will get coverage here in the blogosphere.

I was out of town when Donnis dropped his Santogold “remix” but to be quite honest it was weak. I’m digging some of the tunes I’m hearing right now. The dude is nothing special on the mic–he spits the typical ATL club rhymes–but I’m diggin’ the beats and production. It’s straight party music. These bass-heavy club tunes have a lot of Dirty South influences, from Booty Music to Crunk, to elements of the new Blipster movement. It’s a good look for the summer.