So yeah, most of y’all know that I love traveling.

After I turned 21 I told myself that I need to get out of the city at least once a year to stay sane. In 2008 I had a tough internal decision: go back to London or pick a new city for debauchery. An associate that I know invited me to Montreal to cover Jazz Fest, and naturally, I was in.

See, for some reason I’ve had this itching to get to Montreal. I don’t know why, but the city has been on my hotlist for a hot minute now. Reading Dallas Penn’s blogs about his trip didn’t help.

So yeah, Jazz Fest is supposedly off the chain, and the tickets are already booked. Of course this is all dependent on if my passport situation works out (nothing major, I just got to get a new one within 3 weeks). Only problem is that this is the first time I’m going to be in a city and not know anybody. And although I’m meeting people at Jazz Fest, for the most part I’m going to be roaming the streets by myself. If you are reading this and reside in the Montreal area PLEASE hit me up. I know nothing bout the city and can’t speak a lick of French. I’m reaching out to all my Canadian readers, all two of y’all, to help me on this.

I might be podcasting, trying to highlight the culture and scene of Montreal, but its highly unlikely. First and formost this is a vacation/musical experience.

As for jazz fest, I booked tickets to the De La Soul/Ghislain Poirier show on Saturday, June 28th, the Public Enemy show on Monday, June 30th, and for UK blue eyed soul singer Alice Russell‘s show on Friday June 27th. I will keep y’all posted on updates.