Events: Laced At CueBar

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Brandon’s Laced event is back at CueBar on U street tonight. This is one of the hottest parties in DC and its FREE. At least go for the Wii if not anything else. I don’t think I’ll be in the building tonight though.

And on a WTF note…..what’s up with the DJ getting stabbed at Eighteenth Street Lounge last night? ESL is the LAST place I could see someone getting stabbed in DC. So sad.

  • Madalena

    really? does anyone know what happened? wtf.

  • Stone

    The only think I could find is this:

    But sadly, no details.

  • Brandon

    Thanks for the shouts.. and for putting stabbing and my event in same post.

    Na it wasn’t the DJ, it was some guy. And trust me it wasnt a real stabbing, it must have been a pencil cause I barely saw blood. I saw him being carried out. Word on the streets is it was some drug beef (oooh ESL drug beefs.. so much safer.. no guns, pencil stabbings.. that’s why I venture out of my ‘urban world’)..

    Come through tonight Stone and I’ll buy you a drink so you can say you went.

  • Stone

    Well at least you can’t blame it on go-go….

    And I’ll TRY to roll through tonight. No promises tho!

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