Invincible Summer

by Rome

Common goes Electro? I know some of you dudes are gonna LOSE it. I can’t wait to hear the “Electric Circus was a great album” arguments start again.

  • Stone

    Man, the haters are gonna come out in full force on this one! And Electric Circus wasn’t as bad as people think it was.

  • Superbizzee

    I agree, Stone. I actually liked a rack of songs from Electric Circus.
    My favorite joints were”:

    *”I Am Music”
    *”Jimi Was A Rock Star”
    *”The Hustle”

    But what got me the most about him was when he started doing press for Be, he made a lot of excuses for Electric Circus. My thing is if you’re an artist and you put out a project that came from your heart…STAND BEHIND THAT SHIT!!! Just because people didn’t feel it and criticized it don’t mean you gotta apologize for it. Erykah did the same thing with WWU when she started doing press for New Amerykah.

    I hope Invincible Summer is just as fire as the rest of his catalog. Death to the haters!