Intern Season

So most of y’ll know I really can’t stand a lot of women in DC. I don’t want to generalize, but a lot of women in DC have serious attitude problems and entitlement issues. Just because you got an advanced degree from Howard doesn’t mean that the world owes you any favors.

Me and my homie Sofi pondered this whole lack of down to earth DC women atop the roof of the Palms Las Vegas last year, and the only thing we could attribute it to is the higher than average lead content in our water. I’ve traveled all over the country and I find DC women to be the most stuck up women I’ve ever met, next to LA and Miami.

So yeah, DC is home to some of the meanest women possible. There is a severe lack of down to earth females around here, except for around three months out of the year in what I like to call intern season.

I don’t want to come off as one of those “I get older they all stay the same dudes,” cause it’s not like that. I just like to be around women who are cool, chill, and down to earth, and the interns give me that experience. How many times are you going to have 5 girls from California cook you a full dinner at 4 in the morning? Seriously?

Personally, I’m getting too old for that ish (most of the “interns” I date now are in grad school), but its still one of the many perks of living in the metro area.

So for all you interns…..WELCOME TO DC!!