Amy Winehouse, Dionne D, and Pete Doherty Cover Alicia Keys

Whoa? Seriously what’s going on here? A cracked out Amy Winehouse on guitar singing with her 12 year old god-daughter Dionne D at known crackhead friend Pete Doherty’s house? I did not see this coming.

Aside from the cracked out and ametureish nature of the whole clip, I’m actually enjoying this. Even though my girl Amy is struggling on guitar, I’m a huge sucker for acoustic soul, and whoever this Dionne D kid is, I’m really digging her voice. I know that soulful voices are a dime a dozen these days. but she’s going to go far if she stays away from the drugs. (Remember Kids: Crack is Wack!)

And I’ll leave y’all with this money quote from Butta of SoulBounce

And by a show of hands, would you leave your preteen with Amy and Pete? If you raised your hand, then please smack yourself with it as you lower it.