Video: Soulja Boy At The Wizards Game

DC always gets the most random celebrities to roll through town (like the cheerleader from Heroes stumping for DC Voting Rights). I guess you wouldn’t call Soulja Boy a celebrity but you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, the Wizards/Soulja Boy thing is interesting:

The whole Stevenson-Soulja Boy connection began with Stevenson calling James “overrated” following a Wizards’ victory over the Cavaliers on March 13. James answered by saying that a player of his stature responding to a player like Stevenson would be like rap legend Jay-Z responding to a one-hit wonder like Soulja Boy.

So to get back at LeBron, Stephenson flew in Soulja for Game 3, where the Wiz beat down the Cavs by almost 40 points. Classic.

Tickets are still available for Game 4.