Spotlight Atlanta: Have You Ever Made Love To A Weerdo?

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Hollyweerd – Have You Ever Made Love To A Weerdo?

After conquering the music industry (check radio spins for Atlanta artists vs the rest of the country), it seems like Atlanta is about to conquer the Blipster movement as well.

I don’t know much about this project, Hollyweerd, but this song, Have You Ever Made Love To A Weirdo? might just be one of the more happening tracks to come out of the Dirrry this year. The group sounds like a combination of Dungeon Family/Outkast with Sa-Ra and traditional ATL crunk. I don’t know how much this track is getting played down in the “A,” but this song has already been added to my iPod in my summer songs section.

And yes, I need to make it back down to the ATL to check out the Sloppy Seconds and Decatur Social Club parties. They’re supposed to be off the chain.

  • cam

    Elitaste actually has a pretty good article on ATL’s ‘black hipster’ scene. The article scratch’s the surface on how the Come Up Kids built a scene there. Kind of interesting.

  • das

    where can i download this song from? this is sick!

  • Stone

    I got ya man:


    and Cam, checked out that article….I’ve been hearing REALLY good things about some of the black hipster parties in the ATL and the music scene in general. Gotta go down there and stay a while and not just layover at the airport…

  • das

    i’m a girl – and an avid reader – and thanks :)

  • Stone

    whoops :)

    my bad…

    thanks for reading!

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