Santogold = Better Than M.I.A., Tour Dates

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Santogold - I’m A Lady

Sorry, I had to put that out there.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the full Santogold album yet, but the songs that I have been playing continuously on my Ipod are 5 time’s better than the songs on M.I.A. last album Kala.

I’m not saying that M.I.A. isn’t good. “Paper Planes” was one of the best songs of 2007. But her hole shtick is so heavily reliant on Diplo’s production. Contrast that with Santogold, who has already written and produced one of the best R&B albums of the 90s. Santgold’s album looks to have more scope and depth than Kala, mainly because she is a more experienced artist, and as a frontwoman for the band Stiffed, among other things. On a talent level, you can’t even compare….Santi White is just so much better.

Having that said, you can’t directly compare the two albums. M.I.A. is more bangra/hip-hop, while Santogold traces her roots more to punk rock, but I just had to say something address the “Santogold is biting off of M.I.A. ” comments that are now arising on message board and blog comments.

Santogold is lacking the buzz that M.I.A. got, which is cause for concern (could race be a factor?). If you’re digging this though, make sure to cop her album on April 29th. (And yes, I’m still trying to get that interview her people promised as well as a mixtape drop!)

Santogold Tour Dates
Apr 25 Coachella Music Festival, Palm Desert, California
Apr 28 Late Night With Conan O’Brien, New York
Apr 29 Virgin Megastore Instore , New York
May 16 Wireless Weekender @ Roadhouse, Manchester
May 17 Great Escape @ Digital, Brighton
May 18 Great Escape @ Concorde 2, Brighton
May 20 Noveau Casino, Paris
May 21 Trix, Antwerp
May 22 Tape Club, Berlin
May 24 Dot to Dot @ Thekla, Bristol
May 25 Dot to Dot @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
May 26 Bar Academy, Birmingham
May 28 Sound City Festival, Liverpool
May 30 Sub Club, Glasgow
May 31 Castilla y León International Arts Festival, Salamanca
Jun 1 Crawdaddy, Dublin
Jun 2 Scala, London

  • Cam

    Santi is more well rounded overall I agree. But I wouldn’t say the quality of MIA’s music owes an overwhelming amount to Diplo. Diplo gave her a lot of exposure and produced a few of her hits (definately not all of her best joints though). And when it comes to what rocks the party. MIA’s songwriting crushes Santi’s. She got anthems! Her verses don’t have much substance, but the South Asian/Britsh aesthetic in her flow and that siren voice matched up with those beats really moves asses. Plus her hooks are massive. And I think MIA had more control over all that than Diplo.

    So I give the nod to MIA. She’s not as much a sheer talent as Santi. But right now her catalogue of songs is more powerful. Santi’s solo shit is just about start though so time will tell.

  • himalaya

    dude, this has nothing to do with race…

    MIA and santogold are always gonna be lumped into the same category like it or not…and like it or not MIA came first.

  • pioneers

    You mean the two songs he (Diplo) produced for MIA whilst he was unknown, where he took loops from other artists? I think most love MIA – producer, writer and vocalist cause she trailblazes while making great music mixing new sounds. Her influence and legacy in the music industry across genres is plain to hear, and yet she seems so oblivious to it.

    That this newbie uses MIA’s career and aesthetic as a template goes without saying. For you to think that she is in any way ahead of MIA, when she isn’t even a contemporary is just funny.

  • Stone

    Santogold a newbie? Hardly. She’s been in the music industry for 10 years.

    And the fact that you claim that she’s using MIA to get ahead is exactly the point I’m getting at here. MIA and Santogold don’t even make the same music yet you MIA stans are already claiming that Santi is ripping off her “style”. My whole point that they are both EQUALS in what they do (again Santi PRODUCES as well) but she won’t get a chance cause you MIA stans see her as a threat to your precious holy one.

  • pioneers

    Reinforcing a comparisson by titling a blog claiming one is better than the other (laughs) all because Santogold “isn’t buzzed about” like MIA has for years is childish, regardless of who I’m a fan of.

    You then claim they don’t make music alike. Then you say they’re equals. She laments that they’re compared because they’re “women of colour who’re friends”, now you claim your precious newbie Santogold doesn’t get the love MIA does coz she’s black. I’m just pointing out the loopholes in your argument, there is no need to get defensive.

    I guess you’ve got me all figured out. I think the fact you think MIA’s music is “bhangra/hip-hop” sums the issue up here. Your real beef is with the “precious holy one” MIA and her achievements. I get that. It’s just funny that’s all. She had some great words to say about ppl like you last year in an interview with Pitchfork. Just try and express your argument a little more consistently. Santogold should do well – we just already know why.

    Finally, Alicia Keys and Beyonce, like MIA write and produce their own records. Keys, who is deservedly hugely successful (as is Beyonce) is a huge fan of M.I.A.’s and an admirer of her music. Funny how no-one compares the two though…I guess for us “stans” race is always a factor…

  • Stone

    Look, the media, blogs, etc have already lined MIA and Santogold together. They ARE equals. They WILL be marketed to the same group of people (they went on tour together). They are both women of color who make music outside of the mainstream. But MIA is music is based in Hip-Hop, while Santogold is based in Rock.

    I have NO BEEF with MIA. And like I said, she’s made some hot songs. I initially didn’t like her. I’ve seen her live a few times and I’ve enjoyed a lot of her tracks (Paper Planes, Galang, Sunshowers, etc). I’m just saying that you MIA stans have already discounted Santogold as an wannabe before she even drops an album. All the BUZZ that you dudes have said is negative.

    Is it racial? Maybe. Black females in rock haven’t had a good history of crossing over (again, MIA=hip-hop). All I’m saying is that Santi is not some wannabe. She’s equally a musical genius and I prefer her music to MIA’s overall. The fact that she’s already associated with MIA means that the media won’t give her a fair shake. That’s all I’m saying.

  • ruby

    She hasn’t released an album and yet she’s already an equal to one of music’s biggest innovators? hehe

    I heard MIA gave her a support slot on her tour, with some other artists. The song Creator is a definite ripoff, a good song though. It would have perhaps made more sense to admit she was inspired by MIA, than get arrogant this early in the game.

    As for the incomparable MIA, anyone who thinks she just equals hiphop needs their heads checked.

  • himalaya

    you betta watch out…..the MIA Stans are comin’ out in full FORCE!!!

    >she’s already an equal to one of music’s biggest innovators = STAN talk!

  • josh

    Santogold is an amazing artist, but if it werent’ for MIA, there would be no Santogold. When she first came out, MIA was totally orignal/fresh and new. Satnogold, copies her sounds and her vocal technique.

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