New Music: Mickey Factz

Mickey FactzDon’t Be Light (feat. The Neptunes)


Mickey FactzAutomatic


I know that it’s not really “new music,” but I’m not really sold on this Mickey Factz kid…..yet. While other rappers try to run away from the newly crowned “hipster-hop” label, Factz seems to revel in it. That’s not a bad thing per se, but I always thought that Factz was style over substance. That this whole rapping over Roykopp tracks was a crutch. But that was really only after hearing one song. So I gave him another chance, and damn, Mickey might well be the truth.

Ian has been calling him the Best Unsigned MC out of New York for a year now and I’m staring to believe it. With a flow that might remind people of Lupe and/or Kidz in the Hall, Factz is about to be front and center in this new “Hipster-Hop” movement.

Factz is currently leaking one track a week at his MySpace.