New Music: Little Dragon


Little Dragon – Test

Little Dragon – Constant Surprises

So the other day I got this weird email from someone with the title, “Good R&B Music” and a link to the MySpace page for Little Dragon. Of course, I always get random emails like this, but damn is this not one of the best things I’ve heard so far in 2008.

Little Dragon hails from Sweden and rests in that area of music called unclassifiable. The only thing I can describe it as is a mix of soulful R&B as well as jazz, downtempo, and some trip-hop elements. Led by the ultra soulful styling of Japanese songstress Yukimi Nagano (don’t tell Estelle) and indie folk rocker Jose Gonzales, Little Dragon is probably one of the most soulful and soothing downtempo album since Zero 7 dropped Simple Things in 2001.

If you’re a fan of J*Davey, and I know most of y’all are, then definitely check this one out. The group is making a short swing through the West Coast right now and will be playing the Roxy in LA tomorrow night. You can also cop their self titled album, on Amazon (import) and iTunes.