FREE Buses to from DC to NYC!!!!!!!

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Forget BoltBus and their $1 buses to NYC. MegaBus, is setting up in DC and is offering FREE bus trips from DC (Union Station) to NYC. You know this isn’t going to last long, so get on THIS!! You have no excuse to hit up NY now. I just booked a free ticket, just in case. (Screenshot above)

Megabus Web Site

  • Lady Glock

    You go…tell me what that’s all about and let me know what is the catch?

    They drug you and take your kidney don’t they?

  • Audra

    so why did they not have this 5 yrs ago??? LOL Let me know if it is safe, if the bathroom works, and if the driver doesnt get lost – lol

  • Stone

    LOL to both of y’all :)

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