Coachella: Prince, Portishead and Sharon Jones Rocked It

Prince rocked Coachella Festival this past weekend in California with a 2 hour set that included appearances from Sheela E. (dayum!) and Morris Day and the Time (wha?). The dude ripped through all of his hits as well as covering “Creep” from Radiohead in what most people are calling the greatest Coachella performance ever. (I’ll post audio from the performance when I get it.

Prince – “Creep”

Prince just needs to go ahead and make a true rock album and show those kids how its done. Fall Out Boy wouldn’t last a second with this dude on stage.

PortisheadFull Coachella Performance

Along with Prince, Portishead was also on the bill and probably as egarly anticipated as the Purple One since this is their only US tour date this year. I’m still out on their new album Third (it can’t compare to their previous two) but they still sound like they put on a dope concert. Still mad at them for skipping the East Coast though.

And let’s not forget Sharon Jones, the hardest working woman in show business, and Couch Sessions Approved Artist Alum, who brought down the show on Friday night.