Thoughts from NYC

So I’m writing this post on the Chinatown Jewishtown bus back to DC right now thanks to free Wi-Fi. On the bus. That’s is, as the kids say, awesome.

Anyway, NYC as always was fun. Of course, it wasn’t as fun as the last time I was up there but I digress. I did get to see Isiah Washington speak which fulfills my new quota of being in the presence of at least one famous person per NYC trip, even though said famous person was probably more famously known for getting kicked off a show than actually being on it. But again, I digress.

Anyway, nothing much more happened on the trip. We tried to go to a couple of “old school hip-hop parties” which ended up being a bunch of Bridge and Tunnel kids dancing to Lil Kim. Why are kids from New Jersey still popping collars??? The club we did end up going to ended up being a bunch of hoods and Puerto Ricans jamming to “This Is Why I’m Hot,” for the 50th time.

Anyway, for next time…where are the underground spots in NYC?????? You know, where I can get a good Kenny Dope/Masters At work fix. If I hear “Soulja Boy” in the club again, I might just have to break something.