The Couch Sessions Is Expanding: Need Your Help

So I know it seems that I’ve been saying that big things were happening ever since Hilary Clinton was dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, but I promise this time, things are going to pop off in a major way.

I have about 10 different projects going on right now (not even including decorating my condo) and I’m going to need committed people to get things done. Future projects range from redesigning the site to the record label, to producing albums, mixtapes, and most likely putting on shows and events in the near future. While many of these projects will fall under the Couch Sessions Brand (yes, I said BRAND) and I’m hoping to work with the local rock community as well.

I’m going to slowly roll things out one at a time. So here are my initial needs:

  • Logo/Graphic Designer – Need someone who is skilled in Photoshop/Fireworks to design a new logo for the site. I’m looking for something that is distinctive enough to be used in web and print media. Looking for someone with quality graphic design expereience and a knowledge of urban/underground culture.
  • Event Photographer – Need someone with a digital SLR camera to photograph concerts and events in the DC area for site reviews. No photographic skills really necessary (I would rather have amateurs than professionals), but having a Digital SLR camera is a must.

If you’re interested, please contact me at articleonline (at) I’ll post more needs in the upcoming weeks.