Random Ish, Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Barack Obama – The First Hip-Hop President?

Well, more like the first Hip-Hop nominee, cause I don’t think he’ll ever get elected, but this is a good look. (from Ian)

Speaking of the presidential race, please don’t fall for Hillary’s “experience” line that she’s using against Obama. Unless experience means leading Easter egg hunts.

Oh, and the girl from Hillary’s 3AM ad is voting for Obama.

Spitzer…..yeah, I would hit that too. But for $5500 an hour plus travel from New York? Hells no.

So no, I didn’t go to SXSW this year due to the new condo, family, and budget issues, even though I got invited to a number of parties. It’s all good. I’m hitting it hard next year so don’t fret. If you’re down in Austin right now, how is it? And a whole slew of DC acts made the trip down there, including Wale, Doujah Raze, and YahZarah. There was even a DC Does Texas party down there as well. Nice.

And sorry, I’m not gonna call the DC Area, the DMV. Am I trying to party or renew my drivers license? Don’t get me started on the term bamma.

And since my the site was in limbo, I actually lost a draft post that I was writing about The Wire. So in summary: Yes, it was the best show on TV. And yes, it was better than The Sopranos.

Do educated Black people like moving to Atlanta? Yes. It’s so bad that my sister was at a club in Atlanta and ran into my entire 8th grade class. And most everyone I know in ATL looks down on me for moving to DC. (props to Lady Glock for the email)

The Roots – Birthday Girl. Are you serious? Is this supposed to be the first single from Rising Down. This sounds like something that Gym Class Heroes would do.

Wale – Back Into Go-Go (feat Bun B and Pusha T) – Wow. This is probably the hottest Wale track that I’ve heard so far. Seriously, he shouldn’t release this ish for free. He’s going to be at 9:30 club this Saturday.

Update: Wale Record Deal Announcement Soon? It’s about time.

And finally: Dizzee Rascal interview at Status Aint’ Hood. Yes, I know that most of y’all can’t stand this dude, but he has a passion for his art that can’t be denied.