Random Ish Radio 024: The Podcast Is Back!!!

Random Ish Radio

Whats up people. I can’t even believe that Its been almost a year since the last Podcast dropped. My bad. There were so many circumstances that prevented me from getting it up for y’all. But it’s a new year, and in tribute to the upcoming relaunch of the site, we have a brand new Podcast. And you ITunes/Ipod people get another dope bonus…Enhanced Podcasts with tracklistings and images. Only thing is, thanks to Apple, you have to subscribe to a new RSS feed, but trust me, its worth it.

So nothing truly special this time around as far as music goes, but I do have some nice remixes of Clipse and Jay-Z, as well as Jaylib and a triple threat of Daptones Records remixes. Enjoy!

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Andre 3000, Erykah Badu, and CeeLo – Liberation
from Andre 3000 Whole Foods Mixtape (Atlanta, GA)

Clipse – Mr. Me Too (ZAK Remix)
from Unknown (Virginia Beach, VA)

Jay-Z and Pharrell – I Know (Benzi Remix)
from American Gangster (Brooklyn, NY)

Cyne – Haze
from Evolution Fight (Gainesville, FL)

Jaylib – The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)
from Champion Sound Reissue (Los Angeles/Detroit)

****Daptone Records Triple Play****

Sharon Jones – Stranded In Your Love (Cool Calm Pete Remix)
from Daptone Records Remixed (Brooklyn, NY)

Sharon Jones – How Long Do I Have to Wait (Ticklah Remix)
from Daptone Records Remixed (Brooklyn, NY)

The Budos Band feat. Wale – Chicago Falcon
from Daptone Records Remixed (Brooklyn, NY/Washington, DC)

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