New Music: Wiley – Wearin’ My Rolex


Wiley – Wearin’ My Rolex

I haven’t been up with UK Grime for a number of years, and honestly I don’t even know if the genre is still alive. Sure, Dizzee Rascal is supposedly the king of the scene, but his latest effort, Maths and English, is a departure from the sound that made his name.

Even though UK Grime never took off in the US, (or even in the UK depending on who you talk to), its still one of the most amazing variations of hip-hop ever to exist. If you don’t know, grime is a mixture of US hip-hop, drum and bass, techno, and dancehall riddims. Although Wiley was a mentor for Rascal back in the day, he never got the critical acclaim and sales as his protege. While Rascal was winning Mercury Music prizes and making UK Charts, Wiley’s albums never sold more than 20,000 copies.

But unlike Rascal, Wiley has pretty much stayed true to the grime game. Until now. I don’t know exactly what to make of this new (?) Wiley track that leaked to the net last week. But I like it. This track is continually getting spins on my iPod right now. The house music/house electro backing this song is fitting, and Wiley continually maintains his grime flow. The track has been getting very good buzz on the blog and message board scene, so a change-up in style might be a good look for the Eski boy.

What do y’all think?