Barak Obama’s Speech

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I’m an ardent Obama supporter, but I don’t think that he will win in November. I think his campaign is over. Get used to President McCain. Although Obama is challenging America do think different about race, White America simply cannot to accept it.Having that said, I think Obama gave an amazing speech yesterday and every single American needs to listen to it. There is no person in my lifetime, on a national stage, that has opened up an honest and open discussion about race. Having that said, I think most of America won’t follow along, and Obama’s poll numbers are already slipping as I type.

  • himalaya

    stick to music….cause it clearly shows that you know nothing about politics

  • Stone

    Um, what don’t I know about politics?

    I’m an Obama supporter. I even gave money to the dude. But even Obama knew the that there was an elephant in the room. Long before this pastor controversy the internal numbers were showing that White people were not voting for him in key States (Ohio, Texas, Maryland) and he had to stop the bleeding. Hence, why he addressed white people specifically in his speech.

    Like I said before, the speech was great. But I severely doubt that people will actually inspired by it. How can you challenge a country who elected Bush not once, but twice???? Its just not possible.

  • trevon baugus

    oooooooooooooooooooo shut up he already won its over with and dont argue wiht me i will tell you sum but he won so and what i loce obama and he won and im happ

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