Approved Artist Update: Danny Swain


Danny Swain feat Von Pea – I Don’t Know

Like most Black recording artists who don’t sound like this, Danny Swain has had some trouble with his record label. After signing to Def Jux last year, the dude wasn’t even getting phone calls or emails returned. Check his interview with 33 Jones where he calls out his label multiple times.

Well, Swain is releasing an album, but not through Def Jux.

On April 15th, Swain will release And I Love H.E.R., and its going to be self-released. The dude is even boxing and stuffing CDs by himself. That’s hustle. Thing is, it sounds like a major label album, with appearances by Naledge (of Kids In Da Hall) and Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan). Like his previous efforts, Danny handles most of the production by himself.

Like I said before, this dude can hang with the best rappers/producers out there. Check the tunes on his MySpace page and you’ll agree (or your money back!). This album is going to be a monster. Def Jux will regret sleeping on this one. (track via 15 Mins to Live)