Random Ish, Friday Feb. 22nd, 2008


So I bought a Mac. Happy Now? As much as I’m diggin’ the whole Mac interface, I’m not going to join the cult. Sorry. Those people scare me. And if you try and get me to join, I will switch to Linux.

First off, I’m fortunate to have some uber fly blogs link to link to me. Much respect to these sites:

Gureala, who I think is from the DC area has a deadly essential mix of hip-hop, tech, and general coolness. Check the blog and add it to your RSS reader promptly.

Stereo Cupcake has become one of my new favs too. It’s definitely a mix of nice experimental and offbeat music for your iPod.

And of course, Cam at Don’t Sleep DC. I’ve linked to this dude before but I don’t think I’ve given him his proper acknowledgments.

Speaking of websites, Stuff White People Like is my favorite site right now. Check it.

Activision trademarks DJ Hero. Word? This might be interesting. Could a DJ game take off in the same way Guitar Hero did? Probably not, but I give them points for trying. And yes, I’ve been a Guitar Hero fan from day one, so I’m a little skeptical on how this will play out.

Blu-Ray wins over HD-DVD. Damn. I know most of y’all weren’t even up on this, but this was the biggest battle since VHS vs. Beta. Unfortunately, back in the day the more consumer friendly VHS won out. Now, the anti-consumer Blu-Ray won out, only because their backers bribed movie studios to switch to their side. Anyway, The only recommended way to get a decent Blu-Ray player is to buy a PS3. But shouldn’t you buy game consoles to….play games?

Eurok made it into the J Dilla Tribute concert at XM Satellite Radio last night and got a chance to talk with Maureen Yancey. Check the review.

Mos Def – Feet’s Too Big. Don’t freak out. This isn’t from a re-release of True Magic, but from the soundtrack for his new movie Be Kind, Rewind which I might might check out this weekend.


Finally….it seems like Rome is in a major House vibe right now, dropping a DJ Benzi remix of one of my favorite songs from my London period: