Estelle – American Boy

Most of y’all know that I’m a sucker for a UK girl. Give me a girl with that accent anytime of the day and I’ll step over 5 American girls to get to her.

Baby, you had me at Staffordshire….

But having that said, the UK sorta slacked off in the music game toward the beginning of this decade, but fortunately, the UK is back on its proverbial ish, not just with 5 time Grammy crackhead winner Amy Winehouse, but with a whole slew of fresh talent getting screened at customs right now as I type.

Estelle, who on the surface seems like yet another R&B chick, but homegirl has major talent, and her lyrics and content cut deeper than your pre-packaged singer. She recently caught my eye with her Kanye West collabo entitled “American Boy,” is probably one of most solid pop tunes that I’ve heard in a while.

Estelle’s second album Shine, which is coming under the direction of John Legend’s record company, is expected to drop in the UK in May, and has a variety of producing talent behind the boards–, Kanye West, and Mark Ronson just to name a few. Unfortunately, her helmed track, entitled “Wait A Minute” didn’t even crack the top 100 over there. Damn. Hopefully, “American Boy” will at least make the top 25. If not, I’m cutting up my passport.

I’m wax more on UK ladies a little bit later this week.