Common – The Light 2008


Common – “The Light 2008″ Download


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way (my case of vodka is in the mail right?), I do have to give big ups to Smirnoff for their their Signature Mix series. Yes, I understand this is a whole promotional thing so we can all run out and buy more Smirnoff, but for the most part this whole campaign has been executed perfectly.

Common’s “The Light 2008″ might be one of the best remixes ever I’ve heard in a while. This isn’t a remix in a literal sense, where they might rework the instrumentals, and especially not a remix in the Lil’ Wayne sense, where some rapper would phone in a verse at the end of a track in order to get more radio spins. No. The Light 2008 is completely unrecognizable from Common’s 2000 hit. And since I never really liked the beat of the original, the remixed version is light years better.

Bilal and Marsha Ambrosius provide backing vocals and Just Blaze is on the boards. The next track up is A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight,” which drops on March 4th.

For more, check the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series site.
Common’s Original Version of The Light for Comparison: