We Can Get Down!

by Rome

IF you live in D.C. and come out to Saturday night party you ae sorely missing out. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…


We Get packed early….

Early movement

One of our partners in crime for the night was Pandemonium Jones, 1/2 of the illustrious duo Caps and Jones

Stop being a cheap ass and check your coat

This young female was getting poppin to the hip hop all night long…said she was a model/retail worker who just relocated from NY…


Drink it up son!

Here are the rest of the pictures…come thru people!!

1847 Columbia Rd NW
Washington, DC 20010

  • Cocoa J

    It’s interesting to see the demographic of this picture. Was the DJ spinning Hip Hop records? I’m wondering ift the DC scene has parties that are all like this? It just makes me think about the lecture I will be attending that is part of the University of Michigan’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium called “Why White Kids Love Hip Hop” by Bakari Kitwana.

  • Jerome


    I was one of the 3 DJs spinning that night and we played everything from Aye Baby Baby to OPP to Lose Your Love to whatever else you can think of that gets the party crackin. We’re pretty understanding of what keeps the people dancing at this party and use that as an advantage.

    If you are ever in D.C. on a Saturday night you should definitely come out.

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