State of the Site Address – 2008


I know that I promised y’all my Top 100 songs and Top 20 albums of 2007 today, as well as my 2008 predictions later in the week, but the condo drama has pretty much guaranteed that it won’t be possible until next week at the earliest.

However, some good news: 2008 is gonna be major.

  1. First off, I’m officially putting my feet into the music business. (and I mean “business” in the sense that I may lose money.) That concept album that I’ve been putting off for the past 4 months is finally getting off the ground. I was going to delay it for another couple of months…that was until some phone calls that I had come my way today. If all goes well, its gonna drop around the end of February, but I still haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of marketing, promotion, etc so thats just a random guess at the moment. (AND PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME YOUR DEMO, ASK TO GET ON THE ALBUM, ETC. I ALREADY HAVE ARTISTS BOOKED AND LINED UP FOR THIS PROJECT THANKS.)
  2. Just like Oh Word, I’m going to relaunch the site at some point in the future with a new redesign. I really appreciating the love that I’ve gotten from all the major Hip-Hop sites, but I definitely want to focus on other forms of Black music that get little appreciation from the mainstream and personally, my tastes in music are changing (or reverting back to what they were 7 years ago if you know me well). To most readers, I’ve been doing that already, but me personally, I know I could do better. I should be beating y’all across the head to check out such acts like 4Hero instead of delving into the record label created “beef” between Kanye and 50. Once the site is redesigned I’m going to break it up into sections, so the grown and sexy can have their R&B/Neo Soul, Hipsters can have the DJ section, etc.
  3. The Podcast is definitely going to be back in ’08. I’m trying to develop a new logo and format for the ‘cast which will hopefully take a life of its own. But don’t expect anything until
  4. There is some other stuff I got cookin’ in the pot, but I won’t reveal those plans until most likely this summer. I don’t want other blogs gankin’ my steez (as the kids say), so stay tuned!