Review: 4Hero – Play With The Changes

Play With The Changes
5 Stars

Wow, apologies to all readers.

I’ve been holding onto this album since February of 2007 and never wrote down a review. I only started typing this review because I came across it on another site and remembered of how damn great it was. Still, considering that I was at the album release party AND I know the girl who did the artwork for one of their singles, I can’t believe that I forgot about this album. And I call myself a music blogger?

4Hero’s Play With the Changes is the most slept on albums ever to drop in 2007. Most people in the US wouldn’t know the group by name, however in their native UK, the group was responsible for spawning the burgeoning drum and bass scene in the early 90s as well as the broken beat scene near the end of that decade.

However, its not an all UK affair. Play With The Changes does have some familiar faces to y’all Couch Sessions readers out there. Couch Sessions Approved Artist Jack Davey appears on “Take My Time,” while Phonte and Darien Brockington make their feature on “Give In.” Ursula Rucker, Bembe Segue and even Jody Watley also collaborate on the album.

The album itself is all over the place, sounding more like an iPod playlist rather than a full LP. However, the lack of continuity isn’t drastic enough to distract you from the pure quality of the album. Tracks like “Sophia,” “Why Don’t You Talk,” and the downright amazing “Morning Child” are quite simply the best that the UK has to offer. R&B heads get the aforementioned “Take My Time,” “Give In,” “Superwoman,” and “Bed of Roses.” Broken-beat heads get “Sink or Swim,” “Play With The Changes,” and “Something In The Way.” They even drop jazz on ”

Again, something for everyone, and 4Hero pulls it out. Its like a grown and sexy smorgasboard.