Like We Always Do At This Time


2007 was a good year. “Good”, not “great”. Nevertheless I find it pointless to reminisce about things in the past. Learn from the past and look towards the future I say.

I really dislike how people are all excited because its a new year, and they now have a new chance at things. People if you want to lose weight, start a clothing company, or clean up your credit, waiting until January 1st, or second because you partied so hard on the 1st, is extra lame. I don’t think you should pick a date and say “today is th eday my life changes”. No sir buddy. Not me.

EVERYDAY is a new chance, a new beginning. In 2008 I truly believe that everyone is 1 phone call and 2 emails away from achieving anything they want in life. At the same time your grind has to be strong. Everyone has a blog, digital camera, or is a DJ. Its what you do with those tools/skills that will separate you from everyone else.

This isn’t some motivational speech, this is just me speaking. I pretty much keep it real positive and try to bring the best out of my people at all times. I’m excited about the new year because I spoke to my man from college that I hadn’t spoken to in 6 years yesterday. To hear him speak about being able to finish school, on the verge of starting a family, and working was excellent. Thats my dude so I’ve been riding high since we spoke.

To end my rant, because there really was no purpose or direction I was just free lancing:
– go to the grocery store and buy some healthy items. Pick one night a week to pig out and keep that to a minimum.
– go after the job you’ve been wanting for a lifetime
– go after the girl/guy you’ve wanted. The worst they can say is no.
– create. Stop being a consumer and create something others want.

I may catch flack for this, whatever. If its that real of a problem so be it. If not get to sweating, baking, and emailing and thank me around August.