Britpop Bangers

by Rome

So this party was one YOU should have been at…

Super organizer DJ Stereo Faith and Marshall from The District Line setting up

DJ Trevor Martin & hip hop dan chopping it early (later on these two had the best sets of the night respectively)

Basically the rest of the pictures will be of the crowd losing their sh-t….enjoy. Peace to Cam for coming thru.

Dan dropped a Gloria Jones song right here and it was a wrap…U guess which song it is

on the stage

  • Rome

    These pictures aren’t the best but I was having to good of a time to really stress picture taking. Come thru people – I don’t DJ @ wack shit so if I post a flyer its going to be a quality event.

  • B Felton

    Is that Sorted? Looks like it… if so Sorted is the shit.
    Been plenty and they be cuttin the rug somethin serious. Plus that’s the bredthren selecta Stereo who come fi kill DJ dem.


    Son, you know I’m hungry. That night and now seeing those pics just makes the hunger pangs worse. Motivation! (c) T.I.