Wu Tang or Lupe?

by Rome


Which album did you download stream online today?

  • Stone


    I’m not feelin’ the Lupe album. I might check out the Wu Tang though.

  • MusikOvrEvrythng

    The Wu has started a movement the still lives on to this day. Lupe is ill, but has yet to start a movement with his music…Although he’s from my home city, he has yet to make a staple in history. Keep workin’ Lu. As for the Wu, anyone who doesnt like the boys out of Shoalin can get hit with a spiked Booooow

  • Sixy

    Both, and that Lupe is not interesting at all, but the Tang is thoroughly enjoyable! That the new Pretty Toney book I got for Christmas has me set into 07…

  • Sixy

    oops–08. Duh.

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