Random Ish – December 17th, 2007 (Last Minute Shopping Edition)


Remember, (most) all Random Ish links can be found at our Link Blog. And before I forget Merry Christmas Happy Holidays to everyone…

Puma and WaxPoetics have developed a nice stocking stuffer for your hipster on your list. Cover Story: Album Cover Art is a compilation of over 240 old skool album covers and looks like a cool read.

Prince of Petworth has a good interview with the owners of Wonderland, who just bought Temperance Hall in Petworth. Non-dancing wannabe hipsters aside, Wonderland is one of my favorite spots in DC (and even more favorite since I’ll be living 5 minutes away), and I’m glad the whole dive bar mentality is still alive and kickin’ in the District. Especially since they closed Common Share.

Hipsters rejoice! There is a new video for MIA’s Paper Planes (of course with some drama cause the MTV version is censored). The video itself is pretty bland, but the song is a banger.

NYC based Palms Out Sounds has a really dope interview with Dave Nada before a gig in Brooklyn and Nada reps DC hard. Check it out.

Nice Kid Sister “Pro Nails” remix on RCRD LBL from Bag Raider. I still don’t understand why this song gets so much hate.

NYC Burlesque Pole Dancer Video…..again, why I love New York. If this happened on the DC Metro these chicks would be arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

RIP Ike Turner. Wow. Seems like Black Popular culture has lost yet another icon, even though most of us know Ike from that Tina Turner movie from back in the day. (Had to link to Crunk and Disorderly for that picture!)

So the government spent over 60 million dollars just to prove that Baseball players take steroids. WTF? It is funny to hear all of the Barry Bonds haters try and defend Roger Clemens. Cosellout talks about how Clemens is getting the white glove treatment from the the media from the whole ordeal.

Oh, and what is going on for New Years Eve? I have zero plans right now.