New Music: Fine Print – The Inner-Dimensional Quantum Lunar Module


Fine Print – Inner-Dimensional Quantum lunar Module Act 1 (Zip File)

So 2007 is almost over, and honestly I haven’t found as many hidden online gems like ’06. That year was rife with new MySpace talent, from Danny Swain, to DJ Ragz, to Marv Ellis and Cosmos. But the other day, I stumbled upon this amazing instrumental album from Fine Print entitled The Inner-Dimensional Quantum Lunar Module. Don’t let the long title put you off. This album contains some very solid and downright amazing tracks. Tracks like “Perfect Hair (Heir?)” channel such greats as DJ Shadow and RJD2. the dual blast of “Outronic 5000” is very reminiscent of Dilla. Fine Print’s approach to making beats is as organic and thoughtful as the masters, and honestly I can’t find a bad track on this whole album.

Like most bedroom artists, not much info is known about Fine Print. The Word file included in the zip file has sparse information. A Google search brings up a MySpace page, but not much else. It’s all good though. Download the album and let me know what y’all think.