New Music: Blu and Exile

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Blu and Exile – Dancing In The Rain

With all the music that is floating around today, its almost sad that some things slip through the cracks. Take for instance, LA hip-hopper Blu and his producer in crime Exile, and their amazing debut album Below the Heavens. The album itself was released in mid summer, and unfortunately most of us were caught up in the whole Kanye/50 Cent to notice.

However, Below the Heavens is slowly getting recognition, especially here on the East Coast, and for good reason. The beats on this album are insane. Exile’s beats sound more like a 9th Wonder in his prime–someone who shows a true artistry for crafting beats. But as we know from Common’s Finding Forever, and Kanye’s Graduation, an album cannot survive by beats alone. And on this album, the lyrics are on point: Blu’s flow, cadence, and lyrics are downright mature and poingient, proving that lyricism is alive and well in hip-hop.

Below the Heavens is available now.

  • himalaya

    were we listening to to the same album?

    i copped this album on a recommendation and sold it th next day. sounds like the same local pete rock wannabes that around in every city. pharoh monch’s desire and talib’s eardrum are far superior to this crap.

  • taboo

    I can thankfully say I was not one of those who slept on this album. Pretty much since it dropped it has been in heavy rotation on my iTunes. Other noteworthy tracks are Soul Amazin and No Greater Love.

  • Stone

    himalaya, I haven’t checked the Talib or Monch albums so I’ll give you that one. Still, I can’t think of another album that comes close to this one hip-hop wise.

  • himalaya

    more rap albums that are better than this one:

    consequence – don’t quit your day job
    el p – i’ll sleep when you’re dead

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