Random Ish – Christmas Hangover Edition


Mick Boogie + Jay-Z + Marvin Gaye – Brooklyn Soul mashup

Sup people? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I’m still recovering from the food, alcohol, and random craziness that was my Christmas in Philly. (Mental note: If my future ex girlfriend can survive a night in the projects with my extended family then she is the one for me…)

Anyway, even though I did have my computer and managed to find internet (unrestricted wireless FTW!) I didn’t check my email on the Myspace one bit. Sorry people, I’m not one of those dudes who is glued to his email or Crackberry when he’s on vacation. They call it vacation for a reason…

Moving on…

Nas’ new (unconfirmed) album cover for Nigger. I might have to YouTube my friend Ashley buying this at Best Buy.

So my dad sprung for a GPS system for me for Christmas. It’s pretty fly. But it got me to thinking….shouldn’t all cabs, delivery drivers, etc should be required to have these??

Jay-Z Leaves Def Jam – This was all over the radio when I was in Philly this week. Is anyone surprised? I’m not. Honestly, I thought the postion was one of those glorified A&R type things anyway. Jay needs to stick to rapping–the whole thing reminds me of when Michael Jordan tried to manage the Wizards.

Can someone explain the Chris Stokes/B2K drama and get back to me?

Gold Leaf Party snuffed out by gentrification – Wow, I’ve never heard of this place, but apparently it was a long standing underground party in DC that is getting kicked out after 10 years of violence free fun. Apparently, the owners of the warehouse was about to sell his space to Condo developers and wanted to make sure the space was clear of the “riff raff” before he closed in January. From the pics, the party looked pretty tight. Hopefully they will set up shop somewhere soon (and can y’all alert me next time???)

Former Pakastani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated. Wow, I’m really not surprised given her history (multiple assassination attempts, exiles, etc) but any chance for stability in that country is Lost.

I know I’m late on this, but has anybody seen the New York Times article about the Queens kids who put sounds systems on bicycles? I’ve heard rumors about this but I didn’t think it was true. Seriously, who puts $700 worth of stuff on a $50 bike?