A Cool Young Lu

Cool little Lupe interview right here. Dude addresses “fiascogate”, okayplayers, and the new album.

EDIT: Y’all gotta check this interview. LUPE GOES OFF.

Here are some quotes, forgive me for the cursing (Stone):

Lupe: “Tribe Called Quest is some bitches. Okayerplayer is some bitches. Fuck them niggas music.”
Hyphen: You know some people are gonna just take that part.

“Okayplayer is full of— that’s PHONTE. That’s the Roots. That’s DJ’s. That’s YOU, Hyphen.”

“Who am I apologizing to, what am I apologizing for? That when you were a little kid, the radio station didn’t play Tribe? That your big brother bought Scarface and Twista and I stole their tapes as opposed to [Tribe]? Am I apologizin for my LIIIIIIIIFE?! When I was 10. Years. Old? Hell no.”

“I’ll never listen to it. I don’t wanna be like the people that listen to it”.