A Cool Young Lu

by Rome

Cool little Lupe interview right here. Dude addresses “fiascogate”, okayplayers, and the new album.

EDIT: Y’all gotta check this interview. LUPE GOES OFF.

Here are some quotes, forgive me for the cursing (Stone):

Lupe: “Tribe Called Quest is some bitches. Okayerplayer is some bitches. Fuck them niggas music.”
Hyphen: You know some people are gonna just take that part.

“Okayplayer is full of— that’s PHONTE. That’s the Roots. That’s DJ’s. That’s YOU, Hyphen.”

“Who am I apologizing to, what am I apologizing for? That when you were a little kid, the radio station didn’t play Tribe? That your big brother bought Scarface and Twista and I stole their tapes as opposed to [Tribe]? Am I apologizin for my LIIIIIIIIFE?! When I was 10. Years. Old? Hell no.”

“I’ll never listen to it. I don’t wanna be like the people that listen to it”.

  • Stone

    Poor Lupe. I’m trying to back him through this whole thing, but the dude needs to SIT THE HELL DOWN. Basically the dude is saying that he never exposed to ATCQ growing up. Personally, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m tired of people trying to judge how “hip-hop” a person is cause they did or did not listen to a few albums back in the day. That’s one reason I really can’t be down with “hip-hop” like most people.

    Having that said, the dude should approach this whole situation as a man. The dude is overreacting like crazy. The flub wasn’t even that bad! He should just stop bringing it up. Take care of the situation like a man and focus 100% on promoting the album. Rehashing the whole thing basically will get him nowhere. And seriously, OKP doesn’t sell albums. Radio play does.

  • niyi

    This is really bad, its journalism at an all time low. You guys took everything he said out of contest.I’ll paste the link for the whole interview here.

  • franchise

    oh lupe. just when i was starting to relike superstar.

    iknowtheledge – you already know!

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