What Ever Happened To……Sagat?


Sagat – Why Is It? (Funk Dat)

The year was 1993. I was flipping channels like I always did at 13 and came across an angry dude complaining about the ills of his life over a repetitive house beat on MTV, back when they actually played videos. Even in the early 90’s something like this track was an anomaly on that channel, which was a mix of grunge and gangsta rap at the time. But somethign about this song struck me. Maybe because it was its sheer simplicity, but most likely because unlike most songs, you can easily add your own lyrics to the track and not skip a beat. We made up our own rendition on the playground: Why is it that Ms. Reese wants to give us three homework assignments in one night???? What is this, high school? FUNK DAT!

Although “Funk Dat” wasn’t the craze that swept the nation, per say, the song did get major MTV play and some radio spins. Having that said though, Sagat is the epitome of the one hit wonder. Even when his one and only “hit” dropped, you couldn’t find any information about the dude. I don’t even think the dude ever even put out an album. Even Skee-Lo managed to drop something close to a full LP. Did the dude even have a record label?

The only time I managed to see him on TV was when he judged some thing at an MTV Spring Break contest back in the day. But that’s it. I can’t even find the dude’s video on YouTube. You know its bad when your hit can’t be found on the site that has Phillipino prisoners doing choreographed dances to Thriller.

Like everybody else in the What Ever Happened… segments, if you have any information about where Sagat is now, let me know in the comments. Hopefully he’s a successfully A&R type like Gerardo and not working at the Home Depot.