Sneek Peak: Jay-Z on Storytellers

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I’m not going to lie: I thought Jay-Z’s American Gangster album was a quick attempt to make some cash and ride off the coattails of the 50 vs. Kanye thing, as well as the success of the movie of the same name.

But even though I haven’t heard the whole album, I’m impressed by the tracks so far and everybody I know who has copped the album has said its one of the best this year. So even if this is a money grab, Mr. Carter is probably one of the only people who could pull off said grab in style.

This Thursday, VHI will air Jay-Z Storytellers this Thursday, which will feature Hova backed by a full band, a la Unplugged style. Check out these videos from the performance before Viacom takes ‘em down. (from Smoking Sections comments)

American Dreamin’

I Know


  • JCon

    Hate if you must (not you Stone, just cats in general), Jay’s talent is undeniable. His poise on stage, interaction with the audience, his articulation – one of the very few ‘mainstream’ rap artists that are truly that – artists. I ain’t one to ‘ride the ‘zack’ but I respect artistry. Nothing tops the Unplugged with the Roots, though…I kind of hoping to at least see ?uesto in this one, but, oh well, they’ve done enough.


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