Random Ish: Thanksgiving Hangover Edition

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Geez, Thanksgiving is over already? I didn’t even get my second plate of food? So sad. My Thanksgiving was good, but the food went quicker than a kilo of coke at the Winehouse residence (I kid!). Still, hope all y’all (in the US) had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And to our non-US readers…y’all need to get on this Thanksgiving thing. Free food!

Anyway, here is the Random Ish for this week. Also, all your Random Ish goodness can be found at our new Google Shared Blog.

Money, Cash, ‘Ros? The Financial World is goin’ crazy (seriously) over the 5 second of Jay-Z throwing Euros in his video for Blue Magic. If you didn’t know, the US dollar is at historic lows against almost every currency except the Peso (Ole!) and since Hip-Hop is pop culture, financial analysts are somehow predicting that this will be the straw that broke the dollar’s back. So the dollar is falling because of Jay-Z? I thought it was because countries are switching to the Euro as their preferred reserve currency, but to each their own.

Kanye West – Welcome To The Good Life (mixtape)

Ugly Billy Gets Some Advice From Lady Glock – Classic. Ms. Glock is killin’ it in Londontown as usual.

Only 11% of HDTV owners actually watch HDTV. Okay, look. If you’re planning to spend $1,000 on an HDTV, please make sure that you’re able to view HD content. Yes, its confusing as hell, and the people at Best Buy don’t know a thing about electronics (trust me), but watching a regular channel on a HDTV is not the same as watching an HD channel on a HDTV. Trust me.

Kid Gusto – KG Originals -I remember hearing about Kid Gusto when I first moved to DC, and I’m glad to see that he’s still around doing his thing. He’s releasing a debut album, KG Originals on DC’s own True Grooves label. (DC Stand Up!)

Kano – Feel Free

Shake It To The Ground!

Subways signs changed to forbid cast members of Full House – Damn, this type of stuff makes me really miss New York.