Random Ish: Sharon Jones, Kelis

Sharon Jones – 100 Days, 100 Nights

Sharon Jones dropped her new video for 100 Days, 100 Nights, and I’m diggin’ it. Word is that it was directed by Adam Elias Buncher and the cameras used were actually from the 50s and were bought off eBay for $50 each. Word.

All of y’all who hate Amy Winehouse because she stole from Black music or whatever, should do yourselves a favor and cop Ms. Jones’ album or see her when she comes to your town (they share the same backing band). The live show is downright incredible. I’ve seen her twice (in DC and LA) and both times I was the only Black person in the audience. Check out our Sharon Jones interview from last year, while you’re at it.

Kelis Dropped from her Jive


Kelis – 80’s Joint

So sad. I really think that America never really “got” Kelis. Even though her third album, Tasty, catapulted her to a household name, I think she was never “mainstream” enough for radio and labels to back her and she . Plus, since she was a pet project for the Neptunes, I never thought she was able to find her true voice. Here second album, Wanderland never even dropped in the US, and even though she tried to drop a radio single (“Bossy”) for her last album, Kelis Was Here, has sold less than 150,000 copies to date. I’ve like Kelis from day one because she always seemed to want to redefine the concept of R&B every chance she could get. She still can sell like crazy in the UK and Europe though, so I’m sure that some label will pick her up soon.