Please Step Away From The Hip-Hop

Busy as hell today, so yet another YouTube post. Anyway, there are still people who still get all emotional over the fact that hip-hop, the once “CNN of Black America” has been used to sell everything from mobile phones to rental cars. Personally, I never really got into the “hip-hop has sold out movement,” and people who still get emotional over the whole thing really need to put an Eric B and Rakim (Wikipedia link for those of you born after 1989) tape in their Walkman and go away.

But still, there are egregious examples of people using the hip-hop in ways that make even a passive person like me offended. Like this video from the Singapore Media Development Authority. Don’t be fooled by the intro, or even the beat. Shoot, even the production quality is good. But still….just watch the video. And laugh. Or cry.

The second video comes from good ol’ Montgomery County, Maryland. Seems like the new principal wanted to introduce himself and figured that the hip-hop would be a great way to connect with the kids. Only problem is, most kids in high school weren’t even born when the show premiered. But that didn’t stop Principal Darryl Williams from making this video. Though it should have. (from DCist)

And while were on YouTube….

Tay Zonday – Cherry Chocholate Rain (Dr. Pepper Commercial)

I’m actually digging this, scary enough.