5 Questions

by Rome

Being that alot of people placed blame on the south earlier this year/late last year, declaring the region was the reason hip hop was wack/fell off etc., I’m trying to find out: did/do residents of the south actually think hip hop fell off? Do they think it is/was “Dead”?

Is Obama really going to win?

Now that its finally cold, can we put the shorts away people?

Is American Gangster (the movie) as good as everyone says it is?

  • Ivan

    1. Ask them
    2. Ditto
    3. Hell yeah
    4. It’s freezing in Los Angeles. I actually wore a scarf tonight
    5. No. Better.

  • JCon

    1. They don’t know what hip-hop was.

    2. See #1.

    3. Don’t know, but if he does, I suggest he read the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation…he may want to reconsider.

    4. Please…there’s no way to be cute AND cold.

    5. Honestly…it’s not.

  • cam

    1 and 2:
    The south is like anywhere else. There is a generation that grew up on hip hop, but it’s pretty much fractured. There are people who were into it at the beginning (everybody about 27 yrs old and up) and witnessed it get watered down. Then there’s the younger part of the generation (everybody about 22 and younger). I think for the most part people sense that hip hop and music in general isn’t what it used to be. But it’s much easier for the younger cats to face and even take ownership in what’s going on.

    I’m 22 and went to school in the South. I love the golden era stuff (so I’m sort of an anomaly), but I also like to party to the dirty south stuff. To me, hip hop still cranks the party up as good as, if not better than, anything. So I can relate to both sides. To most familiar with the real, they think it’s dead as an art form. To most youngsters that really became familiar with it only recently (last 5 years), they think it’s alive and poppin. They recognize that industry bullshit keeps a lot of good stuff from shining through, but they still enjoy what’s out there. And if they’re southern, they take pride in the cats doing their thing.

    3. Don’t know. If he wins the whole thing, I can rest a lot easier about this country’s race relations, and a little bit easier about our international image.

    4.It’s a good movie, but mad cliche. Normal gangster flick. Bad black dude who does his thing in the face of the man. Then the white man brings him down. They don’t really give shine to anybody new. Instead they wanna use about 4 rappers (who’s characters aren’t even that developed). And Denzel plays pretty much the same character he always plays.

  • Rory Swanson


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