Twista And Kanye West – Well It’s Time (Bonus Track)


Download: Twista And Kanye West – Well It’s Time (Bonus Track)

At first, I was skeptical of the whole “let’s sample hipsters” thing which has been taking hold lately. But after being inundated by one track after another, I’ve have to come to admit one thing: it is a movement and it can’t be stopped.

Kanye has been going crazy with the concept, rapping over Peter Bjorn and John, Daft Punk, and Thom Yorke. For this bonus track however, Kanye goes ahead and samples Feist (who stays in my head right now cause of that damn Nano commercial). Kanye basically reworked her song “Gatekeeper” off of Let It Die, and Instead of just rapping over a loop,Kanye takes her voice for the sample and drops it over some Chicago bounce, The chorus almost sounds vintage, and fortunately he didn’t apply the Chipmunk treatment.

Twista adds one of the best rap lines of the year: “I Love the girls that Don Imus don’t like.” Classic. I wish this was dropped as a single and not a bonus track.

(via Discobelle)