Seriously, WTF?


The depth that some people will go to make a quick buck sometimes sickens me. But honestly, should I be surprised?

Universal Music is packaging a new Amy Winehouse DVD with a special commemorative pint glass and ashtray. Yep, that’s right, they’re cashing in on the fact that this chick has OD’d and done to rehab for drinking and drugs calling it the “Double Trouble Combo.”

Can I get the special edition Amy Winehouse crackpipe as well?

Sad thing is, it almost seems like the DVD would sell itself. There is a interview on the disc where Ms. Winehouse talks about her insecurities, which led her to drinking and drugs. Moreover, she drops the interesting tidbit about how her hair gets larger when she feels more insecure. Interesting.

As someone who has followed Ms. Winehouse’s career for almost 4 years, this DVD should be a lock for my collection. But these shady marketing practices almost make me want to download this thing from Bittorrent. (from mollifire)