NBC Busted for Sampling

I usually don’t watch Saturday Night Live, but last Saturday night I found myself in a hotel room in Columbia, SC watching it because honestly there wasn’t anything else better on TV. Anyway, the show featured LeBron James and Kanye West and for the most part proved to me that SNL still isn’t worth my time. The only thing that’s actually good on SNL lately have been the Digital Shorts produced by Andy Samberg. The one last Saturday was mildly funny and the song was actually pretty good, but the beat used was actually sampled from a British group by the name of Aphex Twin and NBC didn’t clear the sample, forcing them to pull all references to the skit from NBC.com, YouTube, and future broadcasts.

Compare the two YouTube videos:

SNL – Iran So Far

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (sampled loop comes in at 1:27)

Hip-Hop sampling at its finest. But this time the sampler is NBC/Universal, who spends millions of dollars and hundreds of lawyers to stop the very same thing from happening. Karma is a bitch.